Safe Kitchen System

Often overlooked, food preparation areas are another important location where water purification is critical. Lead and other contaminants can be cooked into food in surprisingly high concentrations and need to be removed effectively. EcoWater offers unique solutions for food prep areas that combine kitchen re-plumbing with proprietary water purification technology. First, our professional plumbers install all new kitchen piping, using PEX flexible tubing, guaranteed not to leach contaminants. We also replace all kitchen faucets and connectors with lead-free components and hook up all faucets, pot-filters, steamers, ice and coffee makers to our Safe Kitchen System.


  • An integrated system solution; sized to fit any kitchen
  • Patented prefilter that removes cysts and solids down to 0.5μ
  • Hi-flow cartridge filters with our patented Metsorb® media that removes 99.3% of lead & other contaminants
  • Ultra Violet (UV) treatment system that kills bacteria and viruses
  • Integrated Wi-Fi communications and Web based monitoring
  • Backed by extended warrantee and Nation-Wide service organization